Ottersum belongs to the landscape found in between the rivers Meuse and Niers, the natural gateway to Germany, Brabant and Holland. It is the transit  region  for hasty but weary travellers heading to distant destinations. And  thus  it is  a suitable location  to take a rest and enjoy some recreation. While enjoying the bliss of a good glass of wine you can observe the splendid surroundings of the  “Maasduinen”  with its magical rows of  shrubs . You will meet the friendly local people, who live and work in colourful, sometimes historic, buildings.

  • Canoeing on the Niers
  • Magnificent views of the Meuse
  • The Mookerhei

In Ottersum, people understand the enchantment of being both idle and active at the same time . Travellers, passers-by, guests and tourists have experienced  this  for years. The landlord and landlady of Logement De Reiziger are very much aware of  it . Relaxing is having fun!

Together with the villages of Gennep,  Boxmeer and Cuijk and the parishes of Milsbeek and Ven-Zelderheide Heijen, Ottersum is situated in the countryside  between the rivers Meuse and Niers. It is a beautiful village on the banks of the Niers. Not far away from the Mookerhei, the  Laarzenpad and the Plasmolen. In Nijmegen there  are  various museums. Groesbeek has a unique ‘Museum of the Resistance’.The road through the village leads to the city of pilgrimage, Kevelaer, where you can pray and plead to your heart’s content. And last but not least there is the city of Kleve with the  Schwanenburg (Swan Castle), extensive shopping facilities and walking routes.