Welcome dear traveller!

‘Logement  de Reiziger’  has a long history. Once it was a pub, a house, a hotel with ten rooms and a restaurant. Now it's an inn. It offers its guests a feeling of home away from home.

For host Ton Strien since 2010 and for hostess Ulrike van Rijsewijk since 2017 this means  a good bed, a comfortable chair, a delicious meal and a glass of wine. When darkness falls in the country in between the Meuse and the Niers there is no better place to be.

‘Logement de Reiziger’  is a nice establishment which in 2010 was adapted to the needs of today's hotel guests. The restaurant has 16 seats, with creative cuisine and a tasteful wine list. It has spacious, nicely decorated rooms. A  different  way of peace, space and hospitality. In the house wifi is also available. Your bicycle or motorcycle can be parked under the porch in the garden. Cars can be parked for free in front of the door.