In the 'Logement', we eat together at a table for 16 people. Sitting next to you may be a traveller, a tourist, or even perhaps someone from the village who has found his way to "De Reiziger". Anyone can sit down at 6.30 p.m. for a good meal, a full glass and good conversation. Call in advance if you want to join us  for  dinner.  Your host and hostess, Ton & Ulrike, will then reserve a  place  for you.

There are other tables available where the same meal is served, but which allows our guests to dine alone.

Ton & Ulrike  serve meals where  as many organic products are used as possible. They cook with herbs and vegetables out  of  their own garden. A three-course menu costs € 35,00 including a cup of coffee.

Breakfast  is  served from 7.00 (mo-fr) and 8.00 (sa-su) to 9.30